Heads of Mathematics Department (2020-21)


Mr. Fan Siu Wai (Senior Compulsory Part Panel)
Ms. Lam Tsui Ling (Department Head, Junior Form Panel)
Mr. Wong Kwok Tai (Department Head, Senior Extended Part Panel)



Mathematics Teachers (2020-21)


Mr. Cheng Hong Yung (F.1 co-teach)
Mr. Cheng Wing Kin (F.1 co-teach, F.5M2, F.6)
Mr. Fan Siu Wai (F.4, F.5, F.6M2)
Mr. Ho Ho Ting (Assistant Teacher)
Mr. Kwok Sai Kit (F.1)
Ms. Lam Tsui Ling (F.3, F.4M, F.6)
Mr. Law Hiu Fung (F.3, F.4M, F.5, F.6)
Mr. Lee Shun Hang (F.1)
Mr. Tai Ko Kiu (F.1, F.2, F.4)
Mr. Tsang Kwok Tung (F.2, F.3, F.5M0, F.6M0)
Mr. Wong Kwok Tai (F.4, F.5, F.6M2)
Ms. Wong Po Chun (F.2)
Mr. Yim Lai Kan (F.2, F.5M1, F.6M1)




Purposes of the mathematics education


The aims of mathematics education are:

1. To develop our youngsters' knowledge, skills and concepts of mathematics and to enhance their confidence and interest in mathematics, so that they can master mathematics effectively and are able to formulate and solve problems from a mathematical perspective; and

2. To enhance their thinking abilities and positive attitudes towards learning mathematics and build related generic skills, namely collaboration skills, communication skills, creativity, critical thinking skills, information technology skills, numeracy skills, problem solving skills, self management skills and study skills, throughout their life time.



Facebook Page


Please press this link to browse our Lam Woo Mathematics Department Facebook Page (In Cantonese). Photos and updates on our school and the mathematics in the world will be posted there.









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