Major Concern 1


The slogan of our Major Concern 1 (2018-2021) in Learning and Teaching is

"Leap across the Line

Keep abreast the Time"


Leap across the Line is the attitude towards learning, that students should not be bounded by the lines set by others. Instead of solely chasing marks, "Learning" should be a process of self-satisfaction and self-completion.


Keep abreast the Time is the professionalism in teaching, that teachers should be equipped with teaching passions and up-to-date pedagogy.


In a nutshell, the major concern 1 2018-2021 in Learning and Teaching is "Intrinsic Motivations".




Started from September 2019, The "T talk" series is the first programme for students of Major Concern 1.

The second one will be announced together with the 50th anniversary celebrations.