History Curriculum




  1. Discover where student stand in the world through understanding the origins and development of the modern events
  2. To develop critical skills through exploring historical issues
  3. Using a variety perspectives to view historical and current events
  4. Understand the characteristics and values of our own culture and to respect other cultures
  5. Be a responsible citizen of local community, the nation and the world

Curriculum objectives:


  1. Understand historical concepts like cause and effect, change and continuity, and similarities and differences.
  2. Using multi-perspectives to interpret the past events with evidence
  3. The major historical developments or trends that shaped the contemporary world
  4. Understand the inter-relations of major historical events and movements and their impact to the present.


1.     Distinguish fact from opinion

2.     Compare and interpret

3.     Explain historical documents

4.     Present logical and coherent arguments

5.     Search for, select, and analyse and synthesise information

6.     Apply historical knowledge and skills in everyday life



Values and attitudes

  1. Appreciate the difficulties and challenges that people faced in the past.
  2. Tolerate and respect different opinions
  3. Explore the values and ideals that are commonly shared by all mankind
  4. Develop and maintain an inquisitive attitude towards human culture
  5. Be responsible citizens with national identity and to have a global perspective.

Who are our History teachers?

  • Ms. Tam Ying Wai (Chairperson of History Department, F.1, F.2, F.3 and F.4 History Teacher)
  • Ms. Mak Po King (F.1 History Teacher)
  • Ms. Yip Mei Wan (F.3, F.5 and F.6 History Teacher)


History projects (2022-2023)









20% of CA marks


A project on the Islamic civilization



20% of CA marks


A project on the American Revolution

F.3 Second 25% of CA marks Individual

A mini-research project on the Hong Kong history during the Japanese occupation


Photos of History Club and Visits


History Outing – Shing Mun War Relics Trail


A guided tour to the Ex-Sham Shui Po Service Reservoir


Hong Kong's Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop - 
Dough Figurine Crafting Techniques

'East meets West, Inheritance of Chinese Culture'


Visits to School History Gallery


A visit to the historical sites in Stanley, Hong Kong


A visit to Sheung Shui Walled Villages


The Jockey Club's Intangible Cultural Heritage Education Programme

(including papercutting and dough sculpting workshops)