Jul 2023
In the 12th World Choir Games held in Gangneung, Korea, our Senior Mixed Voice Choir won the Gold Medal in the Mixed Youth Choirs.

Nov 2022

Our F.6 student Au Pui Yan scored a perfect 5** across 7 subjects in HKDSE (including all subject components in both Chinese and English Language papers).

中六學生區沛恩在香港中學文憑試中考獲七科 5** 佳績 (包括中文及英文科之所有分卷)。

Sep 2021

The major concerns for the three-year school development cycle (2021-2024) were 1. Be the light and

Be enlightened 2. With love, We shine.


Feb 2020 
Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the school suspended for more than 3 months. The teaching mode switched to online learning during the suspension period.


Sep 2019 
Mr. Chan Ka Yun retired, Mr. Cheng Hong Yung was appointed as the 5th Principal. 

Sep 2018

The major concerns for the three-year school development cycle (2018-2021) were 1. Leap across the Line, Keep abreast the Time - Intrinsic Motivation in Learning and Teaching; 2. Flourishing Life of Positive Education; 3. Nuturing Leadership and Enhancing Personal Development of Students; and 4. Improving Administrative Work Efficiency.
在2018至2021年的三年發展計劃,本校的主要關注事項有:一、「跨越界限、與時俱進」;二、「豐盛人生、正向教育」;三、「培訓領袖、展翅翱翔」;及 四、「提升學校行政效能」。

Nov 2017

YU Wan Yui broke the record of 100 metres hurdle in Kwai Ching District Athletes Competition Girls Grade B by 15.19 seconds.


Nov 2017

CHAN Wang Hin Duncan won the champion in “The next BMW Designer 2017”, and was awarded a trip to Munich to visit the BMW Welt, and discussed his ideas with the BMW designers.

陳弘軒同學獲得“The next BMW Designer 2017” 汽車設計比賽冠軍,並獲邀參觀於慕尼黑的BMW Welt, 與BMW設計師交流創作心得。

Apr 2017

SIN Hin Kiu, CHAN Tung Hoi Peter, CHEUNG Fu Chuen and FONG Tsz Lo won the champion in the “SciPOP Science Presentation Contest”. They were invited to visit Palomar Observatory, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA), and observe the total solar eclipse in USA.


Jul 2016

Our school mixed choir won the champion in “China International Chorus Festival” in Beijing.


Sep 2015

The Incorporated Management Committee was formed.


Sep 2015

The major concerns for the three-year school development cycle (2015-2018) were Lifelong Learning and Flourishing Life.

Jul 2014

CHAN Chun Yin achieved seven 5** and one 5* in the HKDSE.

陳俊諺同學在香港中學文憑考試中考獲七科5**及一科第5* 級的佳績。

Jun 2014

PANG Yue Sun Milton, CHUNG Hiu Man and MAK Ho Sze achieved champion in “57th International Mathematics Olympiad Logo Design Competition. Their design, a logo fused with the Peak Tower and the symbol π, became the official logo of 57th International Mathematics Olympiad which was hosted in Hong Kong in 2016.


Sep 2013

YIP Yuen Hang Yammi and TSE Tsz Kin were awarded three million Hong Kong dollars each by the Lee Hysan Scholarship and the Charterhouse Hong Kong Bursary, to continue their studies in Rugby School and Charterhouse School respectively.

葉婉珩同學及謝志鍵同學,分別獲得利希慎海外升學獎學金及Charterhouse Hong Kong Bursary 三百萬港幣資助,到英國Rugby School 及Charterhouse School 升學。

Jul 2013
LUI Hoi Man achieved five 5** and two 5* in the HKDSE.

呂凱文同學在香港中學文憑考試中考獲五科5**及兩科第5* 級的佳績。

Sept 2012
The major concerns for the three-year school development cycle (2012-2015) are Active Learning and Character Building.

Sept 2012 
Ms Rhonda Leung retired. Mr. Chan Ka Yun was appointed the 4th Principal. 

Jul 2012
Our F.6 student Lam Cheuk Ho scored six 5** and two level 5 in the 1st HKDSE.

Jul 2012
Summer Concert was held in Hong Kong City Hall. 

Jul 2012
In the 7th World Choir Games held in Cincinnati, U.S., our Mixed Voice Choir won the Gold Medal in the Category 6: Mixed Youth Choirs.

Jun 2012 
Farewell Dinner for Principal Ms Rhonda Leung, Vice Principal Ms Susie Liu and our most long-serving teacher Mr. Cheng Woon Tak was held.

Jan 2012
Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Soo retired. Rt. Rev. Chan Au Ming was appointed as the Chairman of the School Management Committee.

Feb 2011
The Students’ Union cerebrated her 20th Anniversary.

Nov 2010
The 40th Anniversary Open Day cum Thanksgiving Service was held. 

Aug 2010
Our F.5 student Yiu Sze Wan scored 10 distinctions in HKCEE.

Jul 2010
In the 6th World Choir Games, held in Shaoxing, China, our Mixed Voice Choir won the Gold Medal and the Champion in the Category 6: Mixed Youth Choirs.

Jul 2010
The 40th Anniversary Concert was held in Shatin Town Hall. 

Sept 2009
The major concerns for the three-year school development cycle (2009-2012) were Learn to Learn and Learn to Respect.

Sept 2009
Mr. Lee Chi Yuen retired.  Dr. Alice Yuk was appointed School Supervisor.

Aug 2008
Our F.5 student Wong Wai Yu scored 10 distinctions in HKCEE.

Dec 2006
Our F.7 student Cheng Cheuk Hin got the gold award of the Hang Lung Mathematics Awards. His research topic was How to Keep Water Cold - A Study about the Wet Contact Surface Area in Cylinder

Sept 2006
The major concerns for the three-year school development cycle (2006-2009) were Effective Learning and Teaching, and Enhancing EMI Learning and Teaching.

Oct 2005 
The 35th Anniversary Open Day cum Thanksgiving Service was held. 

Jul 2005 
The 35th Anniversary Concert was held in Tsuen Wan Town Hall. 

Dec 2004 
The Old Students' Association revised its constitution and Mr Hsu Know was elected President. 
校友會修訂會章, 許諾先生為新一屆會長。

Apr 2004 
Our Table Tennis Team won the overall girls' championship in the Kwai Tsing District Inter-school Table-Tennis Competition organised by the HK Schools Sports Federation. 

Nov 2004 
'The 35th Anniversary Music CD' was released. 

Sept 2003 
The Non-Academic Development Section was set up to coordinate different pastoral sections. 

Sept 2003 
An additional AL class was approved by the EMB. 

Nov 2002 
Our first music CD, 'The First Tune', was released. 

Sept 2002 
The six-day cycle system was introduced. The summer and winter timetables were replaced by the present one. 

Sept 2002 
The "Reading To Learn" Scheme was introduced. A 15-minute reading session was set aside every morning. 

Sept 2002 
High Achievers' Classes in English and Mathematics were organised for F.1 to F.3 students. 

Sept 2002 
The school theme "Be a Lam Wooer" and the eight qualities of being a Lam Woo student were laid out. 
以"Be a Lam Wooer" 作為學年主題,確立「林護人」精神。

Mar 2002 
With $ 1,275,000 funding from the QEF, the Multi-Media Learning Centre was set up. 

Sept 2001 
Our school was selected to take part in the Clustered Schools Gifted Project, organised by the former Education Department and the QEF in 2001-2003. 

Sept 2001 
The new extension to the main building, including a Lecture Theatre, was completed. 

Sept 2001
Mrs. Emily Kwong retired. Ms Rhonda Leung was appointed Principal. Mr. Lee Chi Yuen was appointed School Supervisor.

Sept 2000 
The Project Learning Scheme was started for F.1 to F.3 students. 

Sept 2000 
English and Mathematics remedial classes were started for F.1 to F.3 students. 

Sept 2000 
The QEF approved our application for the Fitness Challenge Scheme. The Fitness Room was built. 

Sept 2000 
LCD projectors were installed in all classrooms and special rooms. 

Oct 1999 
The Parent-Teacher Association was formally established and Mr. Lam Yuet Chung was elected Chairperson. 

Sept 1999 
The school was selected as a pilot school to take part in the Accelerated Schools Project organised by the Education Faculty of CUHK in 1999-2002. 

Jan 1999 
The Language Laboratory was established. 

Sept 1998 
Our school remained one of the114 EMI schools in Hong Kong. 

Air conditioners were installed in the hall and all special rooms. 

Air conditioners were installed in all classrooms. 

Wong Chun Pong won the Championship of Boys' Foil in the Summer Youth Program organised by the HK Amateur Fencing Association and the HK Sports Institute. 

Sept 1991 
The Students' Union was established. Ms. Lau Sau Han was elected President. 

Sept 1990 
The School Orchestra was set up. 

Dec 1989 
Four pavilions were donated by the Wah Kiu Yat Po Fund. 

Aug 1989 
Our former School Principal Revd Lee Tung Cheng passed away and a 100,000 scholarship was set up and named after him by his family. 

Nov 1987 
The Lam Hui Mung Yan Building was established with a Design and Technology Workshop, a Library, a Computer Room, a Language Laboratory and an Indoor Gym. 

Nov 1987 
A storey was added to the main building with a Music Room and a Home Economics Room. 

Sept 1986 
The present school uniforms were adopted. 

Jul 1986 
Ms. Law Yuk King was the first student of our school to be selected as one of the Most Outstanding Students of Hong Kong. 

Aug 1985 
Nineteen of our F.6 students were admitted to the Chinese University of Hong Kong under the Conditional Offer Scheme. 

Jul 1985 
The school environment was improved with the construction of a fish pond and a garden. 

Apr 1983 
Four of our athletes were chosen to represent Hong Kong in the Asian Handball Invitation Competition. The team won the 4th prize. 

Aug 1980 
Our School Sailing Team won the championship in the Chinese Schools Open Regatta, Division B in Jan. and the Invitation Regatta organised by the HK Schools Sailing Association. 

Apr 1980 
Two of our F.6 students, Cheng Man Cheung and Leung Hung Yiu, were selected to be members of the HK Youth Handball Team and joined the First International Youth Handball Competition held in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Sept 1979 
Our school started operating 29 classes, with 5 classes in each form from F.1 to F.5 and 2 classes for F.6 and F.7. 

Nov 1978 
Our School Handball Team won the championship in the 5th Inter-school Handball Competition. Cheng Man Cheung was chosen the 'Athlete of the Year' by the N.T. Schools Sports Association. 

Sept 1978 
TheY.W.C.A. started sending a social worker to our school to give advice and guidance to our students. 

Sept 1976 
Rev. Lee Tung Cheng retired and Mrs. Emily Kwong was appointed School Principal and Supervisor. 

Apr 1976 
First batch of Forty F.7 students sat the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination. Sixteen students were admitted to tertiary institutes. 

Mar 1975 
The Old Students' Association was established. Mr. Wong Sin Zhong became the first President. 

Sept 1974 
Our school started the first 2-year matriculation course with one arts class and one science class. 

Nov 1973 
Bishop Baker conducted the first Speech Day. 

May 1973 
Sixty-three of our first batch of F.5 students sat the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination. 

Feb 1972 
The first SKH Five Schools Joint Athletics Meet was held. 

9 Oct 1971 
The school was officially opened by the Hon. D.C. Bray, J.P., District Commissioner, N.T. We were honoured by the presence of Bishop Baker, Mrs. Lam Woo, Mr. Lam Chik-Ho J.P. and Dr. Lam Chik-Suen. 

Sept - Dec 1970 
Twelve classes with 549 students and 15 teachers began their lessons in the borrowed premises of Yan Laap Primary School with Revd Lee Tung Cheng as Principal and Supervisor. 

Mar 1970 
The Foundation Stone was laid by Bishop Gilbert Baker.