About Mr. Lam Woo

Mr. Lam Woo (1870 - 1933) 

Born in a poor family in a village in Guangdong Province, Mr. Lam Woo left his home town and went to Australia when he was eleven years old. While working hard in Australia, Mr. Lam managed to attend an evening school. After 10 years' of hard work, he returned to China and became a pious Christian. With a practical and honest attitude in running the construction business, Mr. Lam earned a reputation in the construction field. His company participated in various great projects in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Mr. Lam was a fervent patriot. He followed Dr. Sun Yat Sun and took part in reform movements, hoping to bring changes to the Ching Government. He not only made generous donations to the revolutionary fund, but also helped raising funds from different people. Mr. Lam also gave great support to the Church, He set up St. Paul's Church; helped found the YMCA of Hong Kong and supported a newspaper (大光報) run by the church. Besides, Mr. Lam helped establish a number of education institutions in both Hong Kong and his home town. The Lam Woo Foundation Ltd., set up according to his will, aims at achieving Mr. Lam's unfulfilled wish to promote education. Mr. Lam's generosity, patriotic passion, honesty, diligence, and devotion to church affairs and education are worth our great respect. 


A book about the life of Mr. Lam Woo was published in 2017. For details, please click HERE for the English version or HERE for the Chinese version.