Computer Science

Computer Science

A. Panel Members

The following are members in the computer subject panel in 18-19:
  • Mr. Chan W. M. (Department Head, F3 CL coordinator, F6 ICT coordinator)
  • Mr. Leung T.W. (F1 CL coordinator)
  • Mr. Kwok K. W. (F2 CL coordinator)
  • Mr. Kwok S. K. (F4 ICT coordinator)

B. Syllabus

  • F.1: Microb:it, Excel, Image Editing (GIMP)
  • F.2: Web Authoring (HTML, Web Tools), App Development (App Inventor 2)
  • F.3: Video Editing (Power Director), Programming (Pascal)
  • F.4 & F.6: Elective Module D (Software Development)


E. Common Computer Dictionaries