2019/20 Faculty Heads, Department Heads and Coordinators of 8 Key Learning Area


Key Faculty Area Faculty Head Department Department Head / Coordinators
English HCP English HCP (Department Head)
HSK (Senior Form Panel)
CCL (Junior Form Panel)
Language Across Curriculum (LAC) LYY
Chinese CWW Chinese CWW (Department Head)
TCP (Junior Form Panel)
Chinese Literature YYC
Putonghua (PTH) TCP
Mathematics WKT Mathematics LTL, WKT (Department Head)
FSW (Senior Compulsory Part Panel)
WKT (Senior Extended Part Panel)
LTL (Junior Form Panel)
Science WPL Physics YKF
Chemistry LKL
Biology WPL
Integrated Science (I.S.) CWY
Technology Education CWM Home Economics (H.E.) MPK
Design and Technology (D&T) LCK
Business, Account and Financial Studies (BAFS) LSK
Information and Communication Technology/ Compulter Literacy (ICT/CL) CWM
P.S.H.E. TWK Chinese History SSW
History AWC
Geography TWK
Economics NKK
Liberal Studies LLL (Department Head)
TYY (Junior Form Panel)
Religious Studies CWK
Arts & Physical Education CSM Physical Education (PE) CSM
Music LSM
Visual Arts CSF
    School Librarian TWC
    EMI Coordinator STR
    STEM Coordinator



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