50th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

This is a remarkable year of Lam Woo.  This is the school’s 50th anniversary.  Half a century ago, with the grace of God, our school was founded in Kwai Shing Circuit in the hope of serving students in the neighbourhood.  We have been entrusted the tough but honourable burden of education.  Thankfully, with the grace from the above again, over the years we are blessed to see the fruits ripe, witnessing growth of many teens and their families.


On 13 November, the 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service was officially held.  All Form 6 students were present at the hall and the other forms watched live broadcast in their own classrooms.  The service was successfully conducted thanks to many people’s concerted effort, especially the help of Music Department and IT Team.  A solemn atmosphere was maintained throughout the service.  The Most Revd Dr. Paul Kwong, the incumbent Archbishop of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, was the preacher of the service.  He gave us a very meaningful sermon on the school motto – ‘The Truth Will Make You Free’. (St. John 8:32) We are familiar with the idea of freedom as the ability to exercise one’s will in doing whatever one wants.  The Bible has spoken different, however.  By knowing the truth, we are empowered to restore authentic humanity, thus becoming free in loving God and loving our neighbours.  This is invaluable teaching we shall keep in mind.  Hopefully the school will go on to inspire students in cultivating such a spirit of love and humble service.   Soli Deo gloria!