Exploring the World of STEM: Highlights from the First Term

Our STEM team organized a variety of STEM activities tailored to students with diverse talents, encompassing A.I., robotics, programming, aviation, VR, and game design. Additionally, we extended our learning beyond the classroom to real-world workplaces.

1.    A Glimpse Inside Accenture: F.6 Students' Journey as Business Consultants


Four of our F.6 students, who emerged as the first runner-up in the JA Code for Impact Challenge, were invited to join the Accenture Experience Day. Accenture, a specialized IT services and consulting company, provided them with the opportunity to visit their office, interact with managers, and gain hands-on experience as business consultants. They were assigned a task to analyze a company's financial performance and propose innovative solutions to increase revenue and reduce costs. The students presented their ideas to the managers and received valuable feedback. 


2.    Hands-on Learning with AI iCars: A Journey into Artificial Intelligence


In December, our student STEM team organized an AI iCar workshop. Thanks to the CUHK Jockey Club AI for the Future project, we received iCars that enabled students to learn A.I. and programming. Under the guidance of the student STEM team heads, participants assembled the iCar in an hour and learned how to control it, experiencing the fun side of A.I.



3.    Mastering Programming: Enrichment Course and Algorithmic Insights

Ten students enthusiastically participated in a programming enrichment course to further enhance their programming skills and understanding of algorithms. The course consisted of a total of seven lessons, with our alumnus, Carson Cheung, serving as the tutor.



4.    Crafting Digital Worlds: Unleashing Creativity through 3D Game Design with VR


Students actively engaged in a 12-lesson course on 3D Game Design with VR. They acquired proficiency in using Unity to develop captivating digital games.


5.    Building the Future: Robotics Training and Innovative Challenges


Students enrolled in an eight-lesson robotics training course, where they acquired the skills to assemble and program LEGO robots capable of accomplishing a variety of tasks.


6.    Exploring Aviation: Students' Participation in the AIAT 2024 Take-off Ceremony and Aviation Tournament Workshop


Two students took part in the AIAT 2024 Take-off Ceremony and Aviation Tournament Workshop, where they learned about the science, mathematics, and engineering behind aircraft. They acquired skills in drawing flight plans with their teammates and presented their ideas.