Lam Woo Alumni Choir singing in SARPO Concerts

Our Alumni Choir was invited to perform at the Fund-Raising Concert for SAR Philharmonic Charitable Foundation at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall on 29 October. Together with the Pro-Musica Society of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University Alumni Association Choir, the University Choir of the University of Hong Kong and students and alumni from Wah Yan College Kowloon, they sang Polovtsian Dances from Prince Igor by Russian composer Alexander Borodin as well as the fourth movement of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 ("Choral") and received a warm applause from the audience. Mr. LAM Chun Kit Wesley, the tenor solo of the concert, is also a Lam Woo alumnus.


We would like to express our gratitude to the conductor, Mr. CHIU Kai Keung, who also conducts our School Orchestra and Symphonic Band, and the chorusmaster, Dr. CHAN Ka Hei Lesley, for the kind invitation and guidance throughout.


The above team-up with our Alumni Choir would be on stage at another SARPO concert on Saturday. For more details, please visit https://www.sarpo.org/upcomingconcerts.



聖公會林護紀念中學舊生合唱團獲邀參與今年10月29日晚上在香港文化中心音樂廳舉行的「香港愛樂團籌款音樂會」之演出。舊生聯同雅樂社、香港大學校友會合唱團、香港大學文化聯會合唱團及部分九龍華仁書院的學生和校友,演唱了俄國作曲家鮑羅丁所作的歌劇《伊果王子》〈波洛維茨人之舞〉(Polovtsian Dances from Prince Igor by Alexander Borodin) 一幕及貝多芬第九交響曲(「合唱」)的第四樂章,得到觀眾熱烈迴響。同場演出的男高音林俊傑先生 (Wesley) 亦為本校校友。







Group photo of our alumni singers with Principal CHENG before the concert