Low-carbon Living Online Q&A Competition

To encourage students the use of information technology for self-directed learning, and to promote a low-carbon lifestyle, the Council for Sustainable Development (SDC), the Environment Bureau and the Education Bureau jointly developed an E-Learning Platform on Decarbonisation in April 2021 which had attracted over 31 000 online visitors to date. A total of 138 secondary schools had participated, involving more than 10 000 students and members of the public.


The prize presentation ceremony of the Low-Carbon Living Online Quiz was held on 22 Dec to appreciate students' active participation and promotion of the messages of sustainable development and low-carbon living in the community. Our F5 Liberal Studies students have been awarded the Merit Prize of “Best Community Engagement School Award” of the Low-carbon Living Online Q and A Competition and received $ 1000 book coupons and a trophy.


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