T talk

Conducted by students (mostly) and staff (occasionally) every Thursday, Lam Woo T Talk is a series of mini lectures in TED talk style. In a voluntary basis, student speakers can decide the topic and presentation format they want to share to others.


Here is a short view of one of the T talks:

The talks held are listed. You may watch some of them by clicking the link on the title.

  日期 講者 題目
1 6-Sep-18 黃國泰老師 認識情緒病 – 我的親身經歷
2 13-Sep-18 葉健峰老師 Imaging the heaven – Astrophotography
3 20-Sep-18 黃沛林同學  What's Magic?
4 27-Sep-18 李穎琳同學 我的律師樓生涯
5 4-Oct-18 梁銘熙同學 Why can't I play my instrument well?
6 11-Oct-18 楊希哲同學、郭諺熹同學 巴士迷文化
7 18-Oct-18 陳弘軒同學 How to send you to Mars?
8 25-Oct-18 Lan (外藉老師) Why are cats the best animals?
9 8-Nov-18 雲靖貽同學 Beyond the Stage: What's inside a play?
10 15-Nov-18 韋均曉同學 希臘神話與字源
11 22-Nov-18 李家榮同學 Sound of Silence
12 29-Nov-18 麥心怡同學 記憶法


What we try to achieve via T talk:

1. Speakers can share his interest or beliefs to students in this flatform.

2. Improve speakers confidences and public speech opportunities.

3. Educate students to treasure different kinds of knowledges and experiences (not only textbook knowledges). Let students experience the proverbs 「世事洞明皆學問」。

4. Speakers and audience can interact, know each other and make new friends in the same interest.

5. Create a scholastic atmosphere in the campus.