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We thank God for His guidance in the year 2015-2016.

What do we most desire? This was the question we were asked on the first day of term by our School Supervisor Dr. Yuk, BBS, JP. One child’s answer to this question inspired an aspiring entrepreneur, Adam Braun, to give up his career in business and pursue a completely different path in life. He started building schools and training teachers in regions of the world where education is not easily accessible. While many were puzzled by his choice to sacrifice a sizable salary and an enviable career, he was glad to have found his mission and purpose in life.

It is indeed a question that is worth answering. Are we to spend our lives chasing after material possessions? Glory? Fame? Or are we, as Dr. Yuk reminded us through the story of Elijah, to be angels who minister to those in need and bring God’s blessing upon the desperate? The answer seems obvious, but it is certainly not one that can be easily lived out. Where shall we begin? We begin by opening our eyes to the people around us. We begin by not being so occupied by our own schedule and plans that we neglect the need of those around us. We begin by taking one little step at a time until we reach out to those who require our assistance. We begin by trusting that God has the best plan for our lives, and that we can trust Him on taking us to our own purpose in life.

The year 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China. The question of identity has clouded Hong Kong society in recent years. Whether we see our relationship with Mainland China as threat or opportunity will define the future of this city. Identity is established and affirmed through our decisions and active participation in what goes on around us. While we encourage our students to decide for themselves their roles in our city, our country, and the world at large, we pray that in action, they will choose to sow love where there is hatred, pardon where there is injury, hope where there is despair, and peace where there is war.

We praise God for our students’ academic performance last year. 94.8% of our graduates met the university admission requirement (3322) in the HKDSE, with 90.2% of them, the highest in five years, receiving offers through JUPAS. Furthermore, we are pleased to see students flourishing in music, sports and art. We pray that through these endeavors, students will be encouraged and humbled in success, and be reflective and persevering in failure.

We are grateful for the enthusiasm of parents and alumni. They are instrumental in making Lam Woo a family rather than simply an institution.

As we look forward to a challenging year ahead, we shall remember the goals we have established as a school: Lifelong Learning (Major Concern 1) and Flourishing Life (Major Concern 2). Lamwooers, we wish you a challenging and purposeful year ahead.

Chan Ka Yun
Principal Servant


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